16pt Waterproof Business Cards


Waterproof and tear proof these cards are for those that need a long lasting durable card stock.


Waterproof and Tear Proof!

Extremely durable, these cards are perfect for those that work in rugged conditions. The tear and water resistant qualities of this business card guarantee they will always look great, even in the worst environments. 100% tree free, and recyclable!  These cards will stand the test of time without tearing apart – a perfect choice for membership or loyalty cards.

Get 1000 business double sided business cards with foil on one side for $275 + GST.
**Designed, printed and delivered to your door anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Paper Type

16pt Waterproof and Tear Proof


Single or Double Sided


CMYK full colour, 2 sided (4/4), single sided cards also available but printing cost is minor difference


Ranges from 100 pc to 1,000 pc


3.5” x 2” (firm size)


Cut to size and boxed.