Kraft Paper Business Cards


Kraft cards are perfect for businesses wanting a natural look and feel to their business cards.


100% Recycled Paper

Kraft Paper business cards give you a funky look that stands out from the competition. Best suited for bold, dark designs, the fibers in the paper give your design a natural look. These cards are made from 100% recycled stock and produced in a sustainable process. The perfect option for those who like high quality paper, but with an environmentally friendly look and feel.

Get 1000 business double sided business cards with foil on one side for $185 + GST.
**Designed, printed and delivered to your door anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Paper Type

18pt Kraft Board


Lightweight Kraft Stock


Best suited for a dark design, 2 sided (4/4), single sided cards also available but printing cost is minor difference


Ranges from 100 pc to 5,000 pc


3.5” x 2” (firm size)


Cut to size and boxed.